Seasonal Schools

Take a deep dive into into the world of research data management with our one-week, once-a-year intensive online courses.

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Whether you are a PhD student, a researcher, a data collector or a data center staff member, our Seasonal Schools offer a broad range of basic and advanced knowledge in the management of biodiversity, ecology and environmental data. The carefully designed intensive courses combine exciting input from experts with hands-on exercises.

What the Seasonal Schools offer

Data is of central importance for scientific progress. Accordingly, it is increasingly necessary to be able to competently manage one's own research data. Our one-week intensive courses, which take place about once a year, are designed to teach participants the skills they need for research data management of biodiversity, ecology and environmental data. The Seasonal Schools alternate between expert input from practitioners and practical exercises to directly apply what has been learned. It is important to us to create an open, collaborative environment that invites networking and knowledge sharing among participants.

The number of places is limited in order to be able to guarantee individual support for the course participants.

Die Seasonal Schools are held online and in English.

What participants learn

Renowned experts will guide the participants, for example, in

  • Creation of a data management plan
  • Using Jupyter in combination with R and Python
  • Data standardisation
  • Legal aspects
  • Handling spatial data
  • Extraction of data from freely accessible databases
  • Securing data quality
  • Integration, harmonisation and analysis of data

and other topics.

In practical workshops, course participants gain hands-on experience with modern tools (e.g. Jupyter Notebook, R, Python).

The knowledge acquired in our Seasonal Schools is directly applicable to ongoing research projects and future ventures.

Who can attend

Our trainings are based on the previous knowledge and interests of the participants and are aimed at students and researchers from biodiversity research, data management of biodiversity, ecology and environmental data and related fields.

Possible course contents

The exact course content depends on the background and knowledge of the participants.

A good impression on what a Seasonal School might look like offers the Programme of our Winter School 2022.

For all those who are interested in more detailed information on our first Winter School, we recommend the accompanying in-depth Winter School concept publication available on Zenodo.

Next Seasonal School

The next course is already being planned. As soon as a date is set and registration is open, you will find the information on this page and in our events section.

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