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Beginner course or in-depth training, on-site or online: Tell us your previous knowledge and learning objectives and we will design the training you need.

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Our trainings enable participants to learn from experts in the field of research data management and combine exciting inputs from the field with hands-on exercises. If required, the events can be integrated into university curricula, for example as part of a Bachelor or Master of Science module. What topics we focus on is up to you. This page gives you an overview of possible course contents, learning objectives and target groups.

What we offer

Are you looking for research data management (FDM) training tailored to your needs? Would you like to get an introduction to NFDI4Biodiversity – the NFDI Consortium for Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment Data – or learn about the tools and services we provide with our partners? Our flexible training approach offers you the possibility to freely compose the course content.

The time frame also depends on your requirements. Possible are courses from 1 to a maximum of 4 hours.

Trainings can be offered in German or English.

What participants learn

We will help you realize the full potential of your data: Using theoretical content and practical exercises, you will learn how to collect high-quality data, describe it using metadata standards, combine it with other data, and make it sustainable so that it can be reused. In addition, we are happy to give you tips on how to increase the visibility of your data.

Our course content is geared to the entire data lifecycle – from the acquisition of data to its publication.

Who can attend

Our trainings are designed for students and researchers in biodiversity research, data management of biodiversity, ecological and environmental data, and related fields.

If you have a different background and interest in a training, write to us anyway. We are happy to receive your inquiry.

Possible course contents

  • Creating a Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • Data annotation
  • Data publication
  • Data archiving
  • Submitting data via our Data Submission Service
  • Metadata standards
  • Legal aspects in research data management
  • Naming conventions and taxonomic harmonization
  • Legal regulations for handling biodiversity and environmental data
  • Introductions to working with our tools and services
  • Fundamentals of research data management and data literacy
  • General introduction to NFDI4Biodiversity and the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)

Your topic is missing? Write to us anyway. We'll be happy to see what we can do.

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Send us a message via our contact form and describe briefly what course content you are interested in, who the training should be aimed at and whether you already have a date or time period in mind. Our training team will get back to you shortly.