Exchange on Legal Aspects

Within the consortium, we regularly exchange ideas on practical solutions for dealing with legal regulations. You are welcome to benefit from our learnings.

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When working with biodiversity, ecology and environmental data, the practitioners in our partner network regularly encounter legal issues and challenges. To learn from each other and work out solutions together, we regularly exchange ideas on legal topics in workshops. We share our findings on this page so that you can benefit from them, too.

About the legal workshops


To make it easier for the employees of our partner institutions spread throughout Germany to participate, the legal workshops are held online and in German.

Participants will have the opportunity to network with peers and learn insights into practical solutions to everyday legal challenges .

The focus of our first workshop was to raise current, everyday difficulties and questions and to engage in an open exchange. In the second workshop, building upon the insights of our first session, we looked at practical approaches for dealing with the Environmental Information Act. Both workshops were accompanied by a legal expert.

Target group

There are no specific prerequisites and no set learning modules. Instead, the workshops aim to promote networking and provide a forum for sharing best practices and experiences with legal aspects of biodiversity data.


If you are an employee of NFDI4Biodiversity and would like to participate in the next legal workshop, you will find the next dates in the Event Hub (NFDI4Biodiversity intranet).

Open educational materials

Of course, our training courses and teaching materials also benefit from the insights gained in our legal workshops.

  • For more in-depth insights, check out this recording of the lecture on legal issues from the Winter School of NFDI4Biodiversity & the Society for Ecology (GfÖ) 2022.

  • In addition, we are working on various slide sets on legal topics for teaching.

As soon as the materials are available, you will find them on this page.