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The First NFDI Conference CoRDI


The first CoRDI Conference 2023 in Karlsruhe marked a milestone for the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). In three days, diverse aspects of research data management were highlighted, accompanied by scientific presentations, discussions and networking opportunities.

Research data are the cornerstone of scientific knowledge and societal progress – and a high-performance data infrastructure is the key to their optimal use. From September 12 to 14, 2023, the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) e.V. association hosted the first Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI) in Karlsruhe. Under the motto "Connecting Communities", national and international stakeholders from the various research fields as well as the infrastructure sector came together to present their contributions to the design of an effective data infrastructure for Germany and to discuss the latest developments. In cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the CoRDI conference offered NFDI members and all those interested in the field of research data management the opportunity to network on the KIT campus and engage in an intensive professional exchange.Translated with (free version)

Focus on national and international networking with other data infrastructures

For many participants familiar with the NFDI, the CoRDI conference provided an opportunity to exchange ideas in a subject-specific context. The extensive program covered a variety of topics and allowed for diverse discussion opportunities.

Im Bereich der Biodiversitätsforschung wurde der Fokus auf die Vernetzung nationaler und internationaler Dateninfrastrukturen gelegt, um die Bedeutung der Zusammenarbeit zu betonen. Die EOSC-Life Workflow Collaboratory für die Life Sciences wurde vorgestellt.
In den Ingenieurwissenschaften bot die CoRDI-Konferenz Einblicke in die fortschreitende Digitalisierung und Automatisierung von Arbeitsabläufen. Diskussionen konzentrierten sich auf Themen wie die Digitalisierung in der Katalyse und Reaktionstechnik, die Entwicklung von Tools zur gemeinsamen Nutzung und Entdeckung von Forschungsdaten, die Einführung elektronischer Labornotizbücher für das Forschungsdatenmanagement sowie aktuelle Erkenntnisse aus dem Bereich Energieforschung.

In the humanities and social sciences, the CoRDI conference focused on the importance of open science and language data. Participants exchanged ideas about the expectations and realities of open science and language data infrastructures. Workflows for object-based research data within NFDI4Objects and Drupal-based virtual research environments were also discussed.

The life sciences were also a significant topic at the CoRDI conference. Here, various aspects of research data infrastructure in the area of health data and biodiversity research were addressed. The introduction of a new publication standard for personalized health data through NFDI4Health was presented; in addition, the work of the COVID-19 task force was discussed.

Spotlight on the consortia: Enriching discussions with colleagues and inspiring new contacts

During the CoRDI conference, there was a variety of interactions between the participants. The project contents and progress of the individual consortia were presented at the "Market of the Consortia" at various poster stands.

In particular, it became clear that the participants already have a good overview of the consortia in the various research fields and that the focus was on subject-specific exchange and cooperation. Questions about the organization of the consortia - for example in the areas of training and public relations/science communication - as well as cooperation between them were the focus of the discussions. Valuable connections were made, and representatives from different work packages (task areas) came together to discuss issues and share experiences. Particular emphasis was placed on the widely held intention to create synergies, learn from each other, foster collaboration, and thus already work towards later consolidations.

Valuable forum for exchange within the NFDI and beyond

For all those involved in the development of research data infrastructures or interested in this topic, the CoRDI Conference 2023 offered valuable insights and findings. Reports from the interdisciplinary collaboration of NFDI consortia, the effective design of the national research data infrastructure, and the discussion of current developments in the field of research data illustrated how the goal of the NFDI is being put into practice in concrete terms. The wide-ranging discussions of ideas, identification of additional potential collaborative partners, and clarification of subject-specific issues helped to foster collaboration and ensure that the various consortia work together effectively to create a sustainable research data infrastructure.

NFDI4Biodiversity conference participation


  • NFDI4Biodiversity – From the GFBio Terminology Service to BiodivPortal: A Terminology Repository and Service for Biodiversity with the OntoPortal Technology (Naouel Karam)

  • NFDI4Biodiversity – Optimizing User Support through Synergistic Integration of Helpdesk Systems: A Case Study of NFDI4Biodiversity and DataPLANT (Judith Engel, Ivaylo Kostadinov, Jimena Linares, Kevin Frey, Dork von Suchodoletz, Cristina Rodgrigues)

  • NFDI4Biodiversity – ARAMOB: Semantic enrichment, management and mobilization of data on the ecology of spiders for research within the NFDI4Biodiversity framework (Huber Höfer, Florian Raub)

  • NFDI4Biodiversity – BIIGLE: Annotating images and videos in the National Research Data Infrastructure (Martin Zurowietz, Tim W. Nattkemper)


  • NFDI4Biodiversity – Connecting national and international data infrastructures in Biodiversity Research (Ebert, Barbara; Engel, Judith; Kostadinov, Ivaylo; Güntsch, Anton; Glöckner, Frank Oliver), 2023. Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI),

  • Towards a Research Data Commons in the German National Research Data Infrastructure NFDI : Vision, Governance, Architecture (Diepenbroek, Michale; Kostadinov, Ivaylo; Seeger, Bernhard; Glöckner, FrankOliver; Dieckmann, Marius; Goesmann, Alexander; Ebert, Barbara; Schimmler, Sonja; Sure-Vetter, York), 2023. Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI),

  • The Aruna Object Storage – A distributed multi cloud object storage system for scientific data management (Dieckmann, Marius; Beyvers, Sebastian; Hochmuth, Jannis; Rehm, Anna; Förster, Frank; Goesmann, Alexander), 2023. Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI),

  • Finding a Common Ground for NFDI Terminologies – Proposing I-ADOPT as a NFDI Wide Semantic Layer (Huber, Robert; Karam, Naouel; Koepler, Oliver; Strömert, Philip), 2023. Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure,

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The First NFDI Conference CoRDI

The first CoRDI Conference 2023 in Karlsruhe marked a milestone for the NFDI. In three days, diverse aspects of research data management were highligh...
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