Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement explains what our goals, motivation and values are and can be downloaded here: German | English


Files for download

We make our logo available for use by other NFDI consortia, our partners and other collaborators who work with us, for example, on events. By downloading a logo file, you confirm to use it according to our usage guidelines (see below).

Other parties interested in using our logo are asked to request the file via our contact form. Requests for other file formats can also be sent to us in this way.

Logo in colour: PNG | SVG

Logo black: PNG | SVG

Logo white: PNG | SVG

Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-16 um 15.34.15

Usage guidelines

The NFDI4Biodiversity logo consists of an icon and lettering. It may not be altered in any way and is to be placed free-standing and horizontally in front of a neutral, calm background. To ensure sufficient contrast, the logo with colored icon should only be used on white or nearly light backgrounds and black or similarly dark backgrounds. For colored backgrounds, the logo with white or black icon should be used. Here, too, care must be taken to ensure sufficient contrast.

For more information on how to use the different logo variations, see our Styleguide.


Our decorative project poster can be downloaded here: Download poster (39 MB)

It is optimized for printing in size 70x100cm.

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Download Flyer


Download Banner